Current song stuck in my head, ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ by Martin Creed.

Logo and print design for the first iteration of experimental fashion project Candida, conceived by artist Gian Manik and fashion designer Ricarda Bigolin.

Candida aims to explore the performative nature of wearing and clothing. Dancer Jaala Jensen was commissioned to integrate fashion and performance as a guest at a dinner party.

The performance was documented and turned into transfer prints then exhibited at the 5th/6th Melbourne Artist Facilitated Biennale, curated by artists Chris Hill and Virginia Overall.


'Making Space' was a group exhibition at Bookshop curated by Hope Lumsden-Barry and Ryley Lawson. No Clients' contribution was a list of 101 things we had learnt and re learnt since forming the studio in 2016. The list is an ongoing project by No Clients, but for the purpose of the exhibition was distilled at 101 things.


This publication and accompanying exhibition contemplates the stream of disruptions and devastations that have taken place in Zainab Hikmet’s home country of Iraq, through transporting and exhibiting a historic self-portrait of a pioneer in Iraqi art, her great-grandfather, Mohammed Salih Zaki, on the 100-year anniversary of its making.

Known as the ‘Sheikh of the artists’ Zaki’s self-portrait unconsciously speaks of war, migration and legacy, having been smuggled out of Baghdad following the war in the early 90’s.

The book was self printed with risography and digital print methods in an edition
of 150.

WHY LISTEN TO PLANTS? — Liquid Architecture x RMIT Design Hub

Graphic identity by No Clients for 'Why Listen to Plants?' — a collaborative exhibition between RMIT Design Hub and Liquid Architecture in 2018 featuring artists, musicians, and scientists who explore vegetal thinking through sound and listening.

Image Credit: Keelan O'Hehir.